According to a recent report by Pike Research, access to clean and reliable energy has recently become a leading priority for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and other military agencies. The goal isn’t to only improve energy independence, but to increase “the efficiency and performance of all aspects of operations across multiple domains including base and facility operations, transport, and portable soldier power” (environmental).  Making renewable energy a priority is an important step – the DOD as a whole is the single largest consumer of energy throughout the world. In total, the energy consumption is greater than 100 other nations. Pike Research found that “global military agencies’ spending on renewable energy technologies will continue to rise rapidly over the next two decades, growing from $1.8 billion per year in 2010 to $26.8 billion by 2030” (environmental). This large future estimate offers an opportunity for developers in all fields of renewable energy. Technology developers, systems integrators, project developers, and defense contractors all will blossom from the monstrous market opportunity. Out of all the types of renewable energy, the market opportunity is greatest for solar. Wind power and geothermal fall close behind in second and third. As far as the DOD’s mobility domain (as opposed to their facilities domain) a large focus is on alternative fuels.

Biofuels and synfuels that can replace existing petrofuels would be a giant leap forward. Outside vehicle use, advanced battery technologies and other fuel cells are being researched for the portable soldier. The Pike Research summary goes in to great detail within the facilities, transport, and portable power domains looking into the future through 2030. Do you think new companies will emerge in order to take advantage of the huge estimates of 2030’s spending on renewable energy technology?



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