Energy Star LabelIf you care about your environment, you probably look for green certification labels on the products you purchase. But what do all these labels mean? Are these eco-friendly products really going to be money-saving? How do these eco-friendly programs work? One label that you can trust to promote energy conservation is Energy Star. Let’s shed some light on how Energy Star keeps your lights on for less.

Energy Star’s main goal is to conserve energy through innovations in technology. This label indicates sustainable products that save you money. Just how much? Billions. According to the Department of Energy, “Last year alone, Americans, with the help of Energy Star, saved enough energy to power 10 million homes and avoid greenhouse gas emissions from 12 million cars — all while saving $6 billion.” Go green without having to do a ton of research. Energy Star does the work for you, by comparing products, and labeling the ones that are most energy-efficient. Created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and partnered with the Department of Energy, this program objective tells you which products conserve the most. They also lower the cost of production so purchasing energy-efficient products is affordable. “Energy Star is basically an economics lesson for environmentalists,” says writer Tiffany Conners.

Use labels like Energy Star to choose which environmentally friendly product is right for you, whether you’re purchasing as a consumer, or for commercial purposes. This green label (it’s actually blue!) can be found on many household appliances such as heating equipment, cooling equipment, computers, dishwashers, or refrigerators. It’s also on other eco-friendly products for commercial use like exit signs, vending machines, and water coolers. Other products energy star can be found on are electronics, office equipment, building equipment, and energy-efficient lighting.

Energy Star isn’t the only label to look for when you want to purchase environmentally-friendly products. Know what products are eco-friendly with 3rd party certifications from green organizations like Water Sense, Green Seal, Cradle to Cradle, CRI Green Label, EPA DFE, EPA CPG, and Greenguard.  Sustainable Supply has many items approved by these 3rd party organizations. Check it out for access to Energy Star approved items, 100’s of green building supplies, breakroom supplies, and green living goods.