We all know that biking is a great way to gain your exercise for the day and we also know that it helps you get to the places you need to go while not having to pay a cent for gas. But in an article called ‘Mixing Cleaning and Green’ by The Philadelphia Inquirer, small business owner Gabriel Mandujano has found biking to be his best form of travel while taking care of his business called ‘Wash Cycle Laundry.’ ‘Wash Cycle Laundry has a few employees pick up your laundry on their bikes, clean it, and return it. While saving money on gas, Mandujano also talks about the other benefits that his “cycle laundry” business has. He states that his four employees “don’t need commercial driver’s licenses or car insurance; they do not incur parking tickets; and fixing flat bicycle tires or broken chains is far less expensive than maintaining a fleet of trucks.” While picking up the laundry loads on bikes has its advantages, it leaves people wondering how much can each cyclist actually pull? And won’t there be a significantly less amount of laundry pulled by bike? It was reported in the article that “each cyclist can pull as much as 200 pounds of laundry per bike in the 40-pound aluminum trailer attached to the back.” But, what about the cost of washers and dryers, they’re not cheap. Mandujano apparently has that figured out too. He said that he has a contract with a laundromat where high-efficiency machines save on energy and water use. In his case, Mandujano seems to have effectively succeeded in his mission which he sated was, “I wanted something where being greener would help you be cheaper, noting that not all green businesses provide less costly options for consumers. Organic food, for example.”