Across the United States, many school districts are experiencing budget cuts. But, one school district in Pennsylvania found a way to save money and go green while doing it!

In the article ‘School District to Save $15,000 a Year With Lawn Mowing Sheep’ by Stephen Messenger, Messenger found that “The Carlisle Area School District estimates that it will save some $15,000 a year on landscape maintenance costs and cut their carbon footprint simply by enlisting the appetite of a group of sheep to do the job for them.” Carlisle Area School District realized that cutting the grass around Wilson Middle School’s field of solar panels used to take workers about 6 hours a week. Now, the middle school is going to enlist in the help of a herd of 30 or so sheep.

The great part about this is that the school won’t have to pay a dime for “rented” sheep because the sheep belong to their principle. Messenger states perfectly that “finding novel ways of saving money can inspire practical changes that help to save the planet, too.”