Summer is officially here! Why not make it a green one? In the article ‘8 Tips for Going Green This Summer’ by, figuring out ways to turn your summer eco-friendly has never been easier.

In the article, one of the tips states to “go to the farmer’s market because fresh, local food not only tastes better, but the food that you bought from the farm a few miles away has a much lower environmental impact than the grocery store-bought food that shipped across the country.

Another tip may be obvious, but “bike and walk more.” It may take you a little longer to get to your destination, but summer in Wisconsin doesn’t stick around long, and you’ll be able to get exercise and enjoy some sun while you do it.

A great idea that the article touched on was to “search out local entertainment.” When the weather gets warm, entertainment might be just around the corner. Many places have music festivals, neighborhood picnics and some stores even step outside with sale booths.

For all 8 of the going green summer tips, see the full article.