General Electric released its “Ecomagination annual report,” and cited reductions in energy emissions and about a $2 billion investment in research and development for green technology. Well GE, the numbers are out.

In the article “GE posts 2010 reductions in energy, emissions; misses on water” by Andrew Nusca, Nusca reports that in 2010, GE invested $1.8 billion in Ecomagination R&D and plans to have invested $10 billion by 2015. GE also set a goal to “grow Ecomagination revenues at twice the rate of total company revenue within the next five years;” and in 2010, GE added 22 new products and services that generated $18 billion in revenues. GE also reduced its energy intensity by 1 percent over 2009, which brings the total reduction to 33% since 2004. They also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2 percent over 2009, which comes out to a 24% total since 2004.

One thing GE didn’t do so well on was their water use. The article shows that they increased their water use by 8% over 2009, using 11.9 billion gallons.

Nusca states that GE is “looking to more efficient gas turbines and thin film solar panels to drive efficiencies in 2011.”