As a focus on sustainability spreads and strengthens worldwide, sustainable building companies are beginning to provide user-friendly resources for understanding and connecting with their mission of sustainable development. Even if you aren’t directly involved in green building, everyone can benefit from a mission to build and maintain our physical environment for living, traveling and working. One unique company, Sanksa, has decided to offer free insight for its customers, suppliers, public and even competitors.


Sanksa is a leading international project development and construction company, developing offices, homes and infrastructure projects, such as schools and roads. This green building company creates sustainable solutions and aims to be a leader in quality, green construction, work safety and business ethics. Skanska is one of the world’s ten largest construction companies, with 52,000 employees in selected home markets in Europe, the US, and Latin America.


What does all of this mean? As a consumer uninvolved with green building, it’s hard to know what green construction entails. Through Sanka’s user-friendly online resource, you can search for, identify, access and download over 60 case studies according to a range of sustainability criteria including; energy and climate, materials, ecosystems and local impacts. Everyone can get involved in the future of green building!


Check out case studies like this one on a green McDonalds in the US, at Sanka’s interactive website. Explore best practices for sustainable building and project case studies yourself!