The use of concentrated cleaning products can reduce your carbon footprint and result in you having more green in your pocket. The article ‘Are concentrated cleaning products better for the earth?’ by Yahoo Green, states that “If the product is manufactured with less water, less paper, ink and plastic, less ends up in landfills and more space is freed up in shipping”.  Shipping in bulk leads to less fuel needed to move the product. Less fuel leads to less greenhouse gas being produced. And, concentrated cleaning products last longer, so you won’t have to run to the store for a new bottle as often.

The article also talked about the benefits of concentrated detergents. It says that “If you remove the water from a cleaning product or detergent, the product actually works better in most cases.” Why is that? With concentrates, you can actually clean more clothes with less detergent and many new concentrates are being created with greater stain removal power.

What about when purchasing concentrated cleaning products? The answer, buy in bulk.  We can refill shampoo bottles or add water to the concentrated cleaning products. The article says that “you will need to invest in spray or other types of bottles or dispensers, but you will cut way back on plastics being used and ending up in landfills, oceans and other bodies of water.” There are even cleaning products out there that are labeled as super concentrates. These super concentrates can “come in gallon-sized collapsible bags. Just add water and you end up with 21 gallons of cleaning product and very little waste.”

Live better, go green.