From the U.S. Pentagon to the Canadian Government, a new eco-product called “Stageboard” is being used by many government agencies and will soon be adapted to the theater arts The article “Stageboard” by Renew Resources, states that “it’s a ‘true eco product,’ and the material was even awarded the most coveted ‘Eco-Mark’ by the Japanese Government’s EPA.”

So what is it exactly? The article says that Stageboard is “a Canadian manufactured hygienic recycled product that eliminates polluting plastic waste; it’s fully reusable and recyclable.” Stageboard seems to be pretty tough. The article also says that it’s even tougher than wood. It “easily withstands heavy impacts (it is used in the Rhino house at the Zoo) and resist splintering when theatre stage marking adhesive tapes are removed.” Stageboard claims to “never rot, crack, split, or de-laminate. Its solid body completely cuts off moisture that will erode wood and wood plastic composites.”

Here are some great features of the Stageboard that were listed in the article:

  • sound deadening
  • abrasion-resistant
  • impact resistant
  • chemical resistant
  • non-toxic
  • arsenic-free
  • termite-repellent
  • maintenance free
  • washable