With U.S forces consuming 5 billion gallons of fuel within the last year, a plan was developed recently called “operation energy strategy.” According to the article, the plan will “reduce energy demand and improve efficiency; expand energy options beyond petroleum, including biofuels and renewable energy; make energy security a priority for future plans.” According to the article “Hooah For Hybrids: 9 ways the Military Is Curbing Energy Use” posted by Clean Techies, it looks like the military has developed a few ways in which they will accomplish their goal.

One way is to use portable solar panels to power their batteries. According to the article, “the Army has begun equipping soldiers with portable 62-watt solar panels that can charge batteries in five to six hours. Charging equipment remotely means troops don’t have to go back to vehicles or bases to plug-in or replace batteries.”

Another way the army wants to cut down is by making unmanned drones deliver cargo. The article states that not only is this option safer, but it reduces the weight of the aircraft by getting rid of the nonessential items and save fuel.

The USS Makin Island may also help the army cut back on spending. This ship “has a hybrid gas turbine/electric propulsion system that could save $250 million in fuel over the ship’s lifetime.” It also has diesel electric motors that “power the ship at low speeds and the 70,000 horsepower gas turbines propel the ship through the high seas.”