Have you ever thought about the ingredients in your everyday cosmetics? You may be applying makeup that contains toxic ingredients. The even scarier part is cosmetic companies don’t necessarily have to list all of the ingredients that are contained in their makeup. In the article “The Safe Cosmetics Act Would Protect Consumers,” author Gina-Marie Cheesman writes about a new act called the Safe Cosmetics Act which would “set stricter standards for the cosmetics industry.”

According to Cheesman, “current laws regulating the cosmetics industry have not been updated since 1938.” Cheesman also states that “the $50 billion cosmetics industry uses about 12,500 chemical ingredients, “the vast majority of which have never been assessed for safety by any publicly accountable body.” With Americans using about 10 personal care products a day, this law seems pretty important.

So what is exactly involved in this new law? The article lists the 7 major points. Those being:

  • Stricter labeling requirements
  • Give the FDA the ability to order recalls of dangerous products
  • Conduct annual random sample tests for pathogens or contaminants in cosmetic products
  • Cosmetic companies to register with the FDA and pay a registration fee based on annual gross receipts or sales
  • The FDA to create a list of ingredients prohibited from use in cosmetics
  • Manufacturers, packagers, and distributors to provide the FDA with reports of adverse health effects associated with the use of a cosmetic
  • Companies that manufacture cosmetics for salon use to provide information on any health hazards linked with those cosmetics

With Americans exposing themselves to over 126 chemicals daily, this law can definitely help eliminate harmful chemicals in our personal care products.