According to Jonathan Bardeline’s article entitled “IBM’s Lighting, Data Center Projects Reap $50M in Energy Savings,” Bardeline states that “IBM has saved $50 million in the past two years through thousands of energy and efficiency projects around the world.”

So, how did they do it? Bardeline said in the article that “Efficient lighting, better operating schedules for building systems and cloud computing” were some of the efforts that helped them reach their goals. IBM is already cutting back tremendously on energy. By the end of last year, IBM eliminated 523,000 megawatt hours of energy use. IBM also set a goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions related to energy use by 12% from 2005 to 2012. Currently, it has surpassed that goal by reducing emissions 16.7%.

Last year, some of IBM’s conservation projects included “installing occupancy sensors lighting systems that are more efficient in 208 locations and modifying HVAC systems at 165 locations.”  IBM also saved $1.3 million by turning to cloud computing. They “deployed 55 servers with cloud software, which would have equaled 488 physical servers.” IBM’s conservation program involves more than 3,000 projects and since 1990 has avoided $400 million in energy expenses.