Getting rid of certain bugs just might be easier than you thought. But, who would have ever guessed that there would be a non-toxic way of doing it?

In the article “Cheap and nontoxic ways to get rid of bugs” by Huddler’s Green Home Community, the article gives great tips on how to get rid of bugs such as ants, fruit flies, wasps and even slugs.

In this particular article, ants seem have the highest amount of resources out there when it comes to getting rid of them. From the list, ants also seem to be the most common bug found in homes.

One of the tricks listed for getting rid of ants is vinegar. The article states that it can be used to destroy ant trails. Without these clear trails, ants will get confused and hopefully stay outside. The second trick is cinnamon and black pepper. With these natural barriers, you can try dusting their outdoor nests to keep the ants from wandering in. Another solution to your ant problem is to spray liquid soap that has been diluted with water. One of the final fixers that just might work is spraying your home’s perimeter and ant entry points with peppermint.

To see all the tips on keeping away ants and other bugs, see the full article.