You love your sustainable life, but did you ever think that your pets could go green? If you have a cat, the article “Green Your Cat” by Jocelyn Broyles gives readers five easy tips on how to make your cat’s life an eco-friendly one.

1. Food: Canidae, and it’s cat-brand, Felidae, make a great, truly all-natural cat food in both dry and canned formulas.

2. Fun: Totally organic, all-natural and pesticide free and hand-packed catnip by The Chronic Catnip Company.

3. A Few Winks: Organic cat bed by Lifekind, made of 100 percent organic cotton and buckwheat hulls.

4. For Messes: PawSafe brand makes several all-natural cleaners using “deionized water, vegetable-derived surfactants, citric acid, emulsifiers, fragrance and organic pigments.”

5. For Going: Kitty’s Crumble makes a 100 percent organic and relatively sustainably produced kitty litter from coconut husks.