With more people commuting to work and gas prices continuing to soar, have you ever thought about biking to work? In the article Biking to work 101, Emily Lem shares her views on biking to work and four tips that will “ease the stress of the morning commute.”

“Getting the gear” is Lem’s first tip. She says that you don’t have to have the most expensive bike for the commute. As long as you feel comfortable on it, go for it. If your bike hasn’t been used in a while, be sure to take it to a bike shop and get it tuned up.

The next tip involves “mapping your route.” Lem says to check out maps provided by your local bike coalition. Maps by the bike coalitions, “outline existing bike routes, paths, and lanes, and they indicate the grade of a street so you can be sure to avoid those steep hills.”

The third tip, “plan your arrival.” Make sure to pack a change of clothes and deodorant if need be. And, be sure to scope out a place when you can store your bike during the day.

Final tip, “be safe.” Always wear your helmet, be aware of other bicyclists and motorists and, you can check out your local bike coalition for safety workshops and advice.