FedEx is on the right path for lowering their environmental footprint. Recently FedEx released a new FedEx Global Citizenship Report that lists the environmental goals the company has set for itself. These future goals include reducing carbon emissions by 20 percent compared to 2005 levels, and improving fuel efficiency of its entire fleet by 20 perfect by 2020.

The FedEx Global Citizenship Report also highlights what FedEx is doing in regards to environmental sustainability. FedEx has increased its global electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle fleet to 408 vehicles – an almost 20 percent increase. With this increase in clean vehicle technology the company saves approximately 276,000 gallons of fuel.

FedEx is also becoming more eco-friendly in the sky as well as on the ground. FedEx added an additional six 7777F aircrafts to its fleet – making a total of 12. The 777F uses less fuel and can carry more cargo than the MD-11s it’s rapidly replacing. By 2020, FedEx plans to have 45 777Fs transporting goods around the world.

FedEx isn’t only cutting carbon emissions on the roads and in the sky, but at their facilities as well. The company has increased the use of solar power at five of its facilities – four in the U.S. and one in Europe. In total the solar power at these facilities reduces the company’s carbon emissions by 3,918 metric tons a year which is equivalent to 440,000 gallons of gasoline or 100,000 tree seedlings growing for 10 years.

Frederick W. Smith, FedEx Corp. chariman, president, and CEO believes he has a commitment to people around the globe. “A commitment to use resources responsibly, to expand our capabilities wisely and well, and to help people, businesses and communities thrive. Everyone at FedEx creates connections that change people’s lives for the better. FedEx team members’ actions speak just as loudly as the numbers that mark FedEx corporate responsibility progress.”