With the summer season, many people like to take vacations with their families or even by themselves. Have you ever thought about vacationing on a farm? From the article “Stay At a Farm This Summer” by Judi Gerber, Gerber explains the importance of our local farms and how you can make them a part of your summer vacation.

Gerber states in her article that saving our farm land is extremely important because “it can promote and protect regional food systems, play a role in environmental quality, and provide fiscal stability to a region by boosting the economy.” It helps the local economy through “sales, job creation and support services or businesses.”

So, now that we know why our farms are so important, why would we want to spend our vacation on one? Through her article, Gerber was able to explain a few good reasons.  One great reason is the ability to see how the farm operates without having to run it ourselves.  Some farms even provide outdoor activities. These can include “horseback riding, kayaking, or fishing.”

Gerber talks about the different types of experiences and set ups that you can have when vacationing at a farm. Some of the set ups can include “bed and breakfast inns; others offer rooms and/or space in the farmhouse, while others are actually converted barns or other farm buildings made into an inn or guest facility.” Gerber also talks about the different experiences stating that “some farms are very family friendly and provide all kinds of activities for kids, while others are only for adults and offer more of a quiet retreat. Some farm stays are operated as a working arrangement where people can come and stay and actually volunteer on a farm for a certain amount of time in exchange for food and accommodations while learning about farming.”

For more information about vacationing on a farm, see the full article.