Revel Systems just recently released an iPad that will help restaurants go green in the kitchen! It’s called an iPad Kitchen Display System (KDS). The new KDS is designed to help restaurants waste less paper and has three different modes: Kitchen View, Expedite View, Fryer view. According to the article “Revel’s Go Green Initiative Starts with iPad KDS” by, the system is able to “display food orders to chefs, provide feedback about the status of each order and capture service times for management reporting.”

The system will also be cheaper overall because there is hardly any hardware involved (just a flat panel display and a bump station). Once an order is completed, the chef can simply touch the iPad and with one button, the order is deleted.

“Revel’s Go Green Initiative starts with no more paper in the kitchen, faster completion times, and accurate statistics for management.”-Lisa Falzone, CEO of Revel