Turning your backyard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat might be easier than you thought. In the article “Make Your Yard a Certified Wildlife Habitat” by Joyce Broyles, Broyles reveals how to get your backyard certified.

Think this might be expensive? Wrong! It only costs 20 dollars to get started. The 20 dollars gets you “a membership with the NWF, with a year subscription to their award-winning National Wildlife® magazine; a free subscription to their quarterly tip-filled newsletter which will help you run and maintain your habitat; and your name listed in the NWF national registry of certified habitats.”

The article also cites the five main things according to NWF’s website that you need to get your Habitat started:

  • Food sources like native plants
  • Water sources like birdbaths or fountains
  • Places to take cover like birdhouses or thickets
  • Places to raise young like dense vegetation or shrubs or nesting boxes
  • Sustainable gardening like chemical free fertilizers and compost”

Now that you have the tools, start creating your very own Wildlife Habitat today!