Want to have an eco-friendly wedding? In the article “9 Surprising Green Wedding Traditions From Around The World” by Julia Austin, Austin shares green wedding traditions from around the world that have helped couples save money and the environment.

One wedding that Austin talks about is a Jewish wedding. In this ceremony, a portion of it is held outside and the couple stands under a marriage canopy (Chuppa). For this type of wedding, Austin shares that you can build your own Chuppah out of tallit and branches to make your wedding even more eco-friendly.

Another type of wedding that makes eco-friendly decisions is the Spanish wedding. When it comes to wedding apparel, it is custom for the bride to hand-sew an embroidered shirt for her husband to wear.

Sometimes the bride and groom can spend a lot of time driving around to stores after their wedding to return unwanted or unneeded gifts. Instead, the Italians give the gift of cash to their wedding couples so that their brides and grooms can decided for themselves what they really need.

The bride’s bouquet is one of many important items in a wedding. But have you ever thought about the bouquet consisting of weeds? In Sweden, “it is customary that the bride carry a bouquet of odorous weeds to ward off trolls.”

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