Are you new to composting? Unsure of what exactly makes an item compostable? The article “11 items not to compost” by Julie Weiss-Roessler, gives those who are new to composting an idea of items that are NOT compostable.

  1. Bread Products- All bread products should not be composted because they can attract pests.
  2. Cooking Oils- This can also attract pests and upset the moisture balance of your compost pile.
  3. Meat and Milk Products- Meat scraps, milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, bones, or other fatty foods will degrade but they’ll attract unwanted animals and insects in the process.
  4. Diseased Plants-They can transfer fungal or bacterial issues to your finished compost.
  5. Colored and Glossy Paper- Any paper that is heavily coated should go in the recycle bin. Foils from the ink will not break down, so you will end up with chemicals in your compost.
  6. Human or Animal Waste- Baby’s diapers, kitty litter, and dog’s poop bags should not be composted because these items are a health risk.
  7. Rice- Cooked rice can breed bacteria and raw rice can attract rodents and insects.
  8. Sawdust- You will end up with chemicals in your compost if the wood was treated.
  9. Weeds- Sometimes they will plant their roots and grow rather than decompose.
  10. Acidic Items- Acid from items such as citrus fruits, tomato products, and pickles can actually kill the good bacteria that your compost grows.