Like clothes, shoes, or kids toys, magazines can quickly evolve into a large collection. In the article “22 Ways to Repurpose Old Magazines” by Becky Striepe, Striepe lists some great tips on what to do with your old magazines.

1. Turn an old magazine into a recycled plant stand.

2. Make some recycled magazine boxes to store your knick knacks.

3. Turn them into recycled gift bows for birthday or holiday presents.

4. Fold the pages into origami.

5. Wrap small gifts in the pages.

6. Make recycled paper beads.

7. Whip up a bouquet of recycled magazine page flowers

8. Turn a stack of magazines into a planter.

9. Transform old magazines into little recycled gift boxes.

10. Shred the pages to make confetti or for packaging valuables.

11. Fold them into homemade envelopes

12. Try your hand at making a cute magazine bowl.

13. Instead of tossing them in the bin, turn some old magazines into a waste bin!

14. Weave yourself a classy magazine page wristlet.

15. Give them away to a friend.

16. Donate to doctor’s offices or anywhere else that has a waiting room.

17. Cut out the images and text for collages. Collage is always a fun craft to do with kids!

18. Donate them to a school or library.

19. Save them up until the holidays get here, and create these adorable upcycled Christmas trees.

20. Cut out perfect squares, and use your old magazines to make fun pinwheels. The covers work best, or you can double up pages.

21. Use cut out images and words to make your own custom marble magnets.

22. Use them to make paper mache projects.