How would you like 24 hour access to a tool that can help you find green appliances? Thanks to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), finding the right eco-friendly appliance doesn’t have to be a struggle. Now, finding dependable certified green products is right at your fingertips. The EPA has launched a new website to help you sort through a sea of green appliances, and locate the environmentally friendly goods that you’re looking for.

This tool helps you to:

  • Find sustainable home appliances that are ENERGY STAR labeled
  • Find energy saving electronic goods that are ENERGY STAR or WaterSense labeled
  • Find green cleaning materials that have been given the EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) label

This tools allows manufacturers to:

  • Find information on criteria for designing more energy efficient products
  • Find information on standards for ‘greener’ products
  • Improve overall standards of their products, for YOU the consumer!

“By purchasing greener products, consumers can help reduce air pollution, conserve water and energy, minimize waste and protect their children and families from exposure to toxic chemicals, while also creating green jobs,” says Steve Owens of the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. If you’re in the market for upgrades on your appliances, and want to save some energy and cash, this website is your ideal tool. Finding certified green products you can count on is as easy as a 3 step search engine, and the click of a mouse.