Want to save money by going green in your home? It has become apparent that green living, and ecofriendly upgrades in our homes are a great way to reduce environmental impact, and reduce your bills. But when it comes to going green, there is a little bit of a gray area. Just how many green upgrades and changes do you have to make before you see the money savings reflected on your utility bill? Often times, making small changes will have an immediately positive effect on your health and lifestyle, but when can we see the positive effects in our bank accounts? Sustainability- centric agency Shelton Group recently conducted a study, and they have the answers.

This 450 page study reveals that main reason Americans make energy-saving upgrades to their home is to “lower utility bills”. This is something that shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the entire idea behind sustainability includes improvement of ecological and economic quality. Money savings because of environmentally conscious upgrades are a completely realistic expectation. However, here is a reality check:

“Of the 1,502 Americans polled for the survey, those who had completed no less than four home improvements like adding insulation or installing a more efficient water heater reaped the financial benefits of lowered utility bills. “

Suzanne Shelton, president of Knoxville, Tenn.-based Shelton Group, in a press release that details some of the key findings, “People have to do more — at least four energy efficiency improvements — to make a real impact on their utility bills. Unfortunately,[some] Americans aren’t reaching that magic number.”

So there you have it- according to this study, on average, we need to make 4 eco-conscious upgrades to our homes, in order to see savings on our utility bills. For some, this means that we need to make a few more changes in our lifestyles and invest in just a few more green upgrades. This is good news for Americans, we’re heading on the right track to a more sustainable lifestyle. Ecofriendly products and upgrades are becoming more available and affordable every day, making it easier for you to make the 4 green upgrades. Don’t know where to get efficient products from? Check out our blog post about the EPA’s “New Easy Tool for Finding Greener Products”. For more information on this study, check out this Executive Summary (PDF: http://www.sheltongrp.com/assets/files/executive-summary.pdf).

Source: http://www.mnn.com/your-home/at-home/blogs/bill-reducing-home-improvements-fours-the-charm