Composting is an easy way to go organic, and be ecofriendly in your household. This Thanksgiving, show that you’re thankful for your environment by composting your thanksgiving food scraps. Pass this eco-friendly tip on to your family and friends, and get all the information you need at this website on How to Compost Food Scraps.

  • All your vegetable and fruit wastes, (including rinds and cores) even if they are moldy and ugly
  • Old bread, donuts, cookies, crackers, pizza crust, noodles: anything made out of flour!
  • Grains (cooked or uncooked): rice, barley, you name it
  • Coffee grounds, tea bags, filters
  • Fruit or vegetable pulp from juicing
  • Old spices
  • Outdated boxed foods from the pantry
  • Egg shells (crush well)
  • Corn cobs and husks (cobs breakdown very slowly)