ImageMaking the most eco-friendly choices for a sustainable lifestyle can sometimes take a lot of energy, ironically. Not the kind of energy that makes a negative impact on the environment, but the kind of mental energy that can sometimes leave you feeling like you’re fighting a loosing battle. It’s important to stay inspired when going green; keep in mind that sustainability is the basis for healthy living, and that every little eco-conscious contribution counts. There’s a lot that goes into sustainability, especially when you are a passionate planet lover. As in all socially active fields, those who work for other causes can sometimes feel burnt out trying to change a world that sometimes seems set in its ways. Mother Nature Network has some great tips to remind you that you can continue that strive for sustainability by taking some inspirational breaks. Here are 3 sustainability inspirations:

1. Get into nature: Sometimes we can forget exactly what we are fighting for. When I get particularly morose, I head to the woods or my local beach. Digging my feet in the sand (even if it’s cold), watching the waves and the birds, or getting my heart rate up on a forest path never fails to both bolster my resolve (THIS is what I’m fighting for!) and also serves to help me calm down.

2. Go for a run, swim or yoga class: Get yourself out of your head and into your body instead. It’s basically a distraction from what’s bugging you, but it’s a healthier one than downing half a six-pack. And all those endorphins and feel-good chemicals inherent to working out are bound to make you feel better.

3. Read up on inspiring leaders: Anyone who has ever worked to make a difference has had dark days, disappointments and setbacks. Many of our most revered leaders faced jail time, expulsion, torture and worse on their road to making change. Check out the writings or biographies of Rachel Carson, Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Goodall, Wangari Maathai, Henry David Thoreau, Dian Fossey or Al Gore. Just reading their Wikipedia pages is inspiring!

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