Homeowners and renters have always sought after having a green lawn. There’s no denying that a healthy lawn with lush grass and shrubs is a reason to be proud. Today, going green and eco-friendly in your lawn is another important part of having a “green lawn”. Eco-friendly lawn and garden care is healthy for your yard, and for your family. Certain plant fertilizers may seem harmless, but are often toxic and harmful to your children, and pets. Eco-safe lawn care goods are a great way to make your lawn the greenest on the block, and the healthiest for your family. Here are some great suggestions for how to get started on making your lawn and garden eco-friendly:

  • Testing Soil. Testing the pH of your soil is always a good first step in the process. It allows you to identify deficiencies and plan for the problems that may plague your lawn throughout the year.
  • Cleaning and Aerating. Cleaning your lawn of debris and weed growth will provide a fresh start for seedlings. Use spiked thong sandals to aerate as opposed to the gas-guzzling machines that are typical for this duty.
  • Organic Herbicide. Apply an herbicide that is made from corn gluten meal. Corn gluten fertilizer is the only proven pre-emergent organic herbicide on the market. Apply 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet of lawn.
  • Organic Fertilizer. Look for blended organic fertilizers that are made from biodegradable materials. A tip for applying Organic Fertilizer is 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet early to late spring.
  • Periodic Mowing. Keep your lawn at a height of three inches throughout the year. You should only cut it shorter than 3 inches at the conclusion of the growing season.
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More info at: http://www.allaboutlawns.com/lawn-maintenance-care/landscaping-and-gardening/eco-friendly-lawn-care-tips-for-the-organic-soul.php