When it comes creating a green kitchen in your home, there are tons of sustainable options. From green kitchen decorations, to organic cleaners, having an ecofriendly kitchen is great for a healthy family and clean environment . Following these 4 tips is a super simple way to an eco kitchen in your home.

Recycled DIY Garden Wall: 

Want to decorate your kitchen with an awesome recycled diy project? Displaying plants in your kitchen is a great design element that’s completely green, (literally). Just recycle old tins or pots, plant leafy herbs inside, then neatly hang them along a bare wall.

Eco-Friendly Flooring:

Need new kitchen flooring, but want sustainable options? There are several materials which are aesthetically pleasing, but still eco-friendly.  Check out this list of the top six eco-friendly flooring materials—bamboo, cork, linoleum, wood, tile and stone—and a list of the distributors/stores where you can buy them.

Eco-Friendly Counter Top Cleaners:

From butcher block, to granite top- there are eco-friendly counter top cleaners for every kind of kitchen counter. Using eco-friendly counter cleaners is a non-toxic and hypoallergenic way to sanitize your kitchen. Derived from all-natural or renewable resources, these are safe for your family and the environment. Using a green cleaner like helps you avoid petrochemicals, VOC’s dyes, ethers, fragrances, and other harmful and toxic ingredients. There’s even eco-friendly marble spray! Buff and clean while still going green.

Green Dish Soap:

Green Dish soap is non-toxic and won’t contaminate water systems like other dishwashing detergents. Choosing all-natural dish soap for your eco-friendly kitchen is beneficial, as it is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and chlorine-free. These green dish washing liquids are highly concentrated and just as tough on grease as your general dish soap. An added bonus? Eco-safe dish soaps are especially gentle on hands!