Have you ever wondered why some cities are classified as green? In the article “10 Things That Make a Great Green City” by Care 2, Care 2 lists what these cities have that makes them so green.

  1. “Plentiful Parks- parks provide both a place for harried city residents to take a deep breath, relax, and connect with nature, and a cooling counter to the heat-island effect created by all that asphalt.”
  2. “Efficient Public Transportation- transit solutions that allow people to get around quickly and easily without a car are a key element to a green city.”
  3. “Quality Public Space- this encourages getting around on foot, and reduces the need for large private dwellings by creating communal space for people to enjoy.”
  4. “Bike Lanes- the most bike-friendly cities create separated bike paths, provide parking (and even solar-powered showers!), institute bike-sharing programs, and allow cyclists to bring their bikes on buses for longer trips.”
  5. “High-profile Green Buildings- as long as they’re not all a city’s doing, a prominent, striking eco-friendly structure such as the San Francisco Federal Building or the green roof on Chicago’s city hall provides a very visible symbol of green intentions and draws attention to the latest technologies.”
  6. “Comprehensive recycling and composting programs- the greenest city initiatives are going further than gathering cans and bottles, by adding electronics and food waste to the list of items recycled and composted, and by instituting larger-scale programs to recycle water for industrial use.”
  7. “Mixed-use and Infill Development-“recycling” existing space that’s already woven into the urban fabric, makes places easy to get to and get around.”
  8. “Green Leadership- an active citizenry provides leadership from the ground up to prod or encourage politicians in the right direction.”
  9. “Smart Energy Policies- buying renewable energy and mandating efficiency measures are two ways a city can use its economic clout to help build a market for greener products while lowering its own environmental impact (and, often, operating costs).”
  10. “Good Green Fun- the best green cities celebrate their eco-friendly lifestyles with farmers’ markets full of tasty (and unusual) treats, bars and restaurants serving the best organic fare, intriguing exhibits by ecologically minded artists, and music festivals that offer bike valet parking and solar-powered stages.”