It’s August, and for a lot of college students that means scheduling your last vacation plans, parties, and get-togethers because at the end of the month…it’s time to move back to school. Whether you’re moving back into the dorms, or sharing a house or apartment, the article “Create an eco-friendly dorm room” by Julie Washington gives college students great tips on how to make the upcoming school year eco-friendly.

First, Washington lists a few green websites and retailers that you can search to get green products. One place is Abe’s Market.  Abe’s Market is “an online marketplace for green products, even offers wire-bound notebooks filled with elephant dung paper. Each page is made from fiber from Sri Lankan elephant dung and post-consumer waste, according to a company spokeswoman.” is another great website that offers eco-friendly dorm room advice and leads students to other websites that specialize in sustainable dorm room accessories. has “organic sheets, towels and decorative pillows.” And, if you can’t afford purchasing new items, Washington suggests checking out “gently used couches, dorm refridgerators, rugs, etc.”

Other tips from the main article include:

• Share appliances with your roommates. If you buy an appliance or tech toy, look for the “Energy Star” logo to ensure it is energy efficient.

• Reuse boxes when packing, then put them in a recycling bin when you’re done with them.

• Visualize the room and make a checklist. Sketch the floor plan so that you know how much space you have to work with.

• Pack your stuff in reusable bags; you can use them to haul groceries later.

• Bring a reusable water bottle or coffee mug.