We all have a few bad habits. Some of us bite our nails, crack our knuckles, or even twirl our hair. But, what if our bad habits were exposed…on Facebook?

From the article “Bad Trash Habits Posted to Facebook” by Alex Petru, computer scientists at Newcastle University in northern England are planning on doing just that. The computer scientists plan on testing the theory that if you’re publicly shamed, you’ll change your bad habits. The plan is to monitor the trash that is used in student households by planting a camera phone in the kitchen trash bin that will catch a picture of the contents that were tossed out every time the lid shuts. The pictures will then be uploaded to the program’s Facebook page where they can see what they and other households are throwing away. The plan also “aims at a friendly competition between the households” in hopes that the comments left on the pictures and activity on the Facebook page will encourage recycling all over campus.

Researchers, according to Petru’s article, state that the plan is already working. It has been reported that “after two weeks, students were emptying trash cans less because they were recycling more.”