While you’re enjoying nature and sleeping on the green, the article “12 ways to have a fun, guilt-free camping trip” by Julia Austin lists 12 ways that will help make your camping experience an eco-friendly one.

  1. Use BPA-free reusable water bottles or canteens
  2. New to camping? Borrow your camping gear- Some seasonal campers can donate their old gear to second hand stores so that when others want to start camping on a regular basis, that’s where they can go to buy it.
  3. Bring extra reusable bags to throw trash in- Trash bins on the site could be full and there could also not be one close by.
  4. Check for campfire restrictions- Your firewood could introduce pests or diseases into the area that you’re camping in.
  5. Bring LED flashlights and lanterns- They have a longer service life and require less power than regular flashlights.
  6. Bring reusable supplies
  7. Bring biodegradable soap and wash dishes away from water sources
  8. Use Citronella candles- Its lemon scent and essential oils are used to repeal insects
  9. Bring dishtowels from home rather than paper towels.
  10. To reduce packaging waste, grab your friend with a Costco card and buy food and other items in bulk.
  11. If you hike during your camping trip, stay on the set path- Going off the trails can cause soil erosion and stomping of native plants.
  12. Leave your vanity at home- Particles from makeup can be toxic to the environment.